Floor coating for large and commercial kitchens

Tested KLB kitchen systems with composite waterproofings – what are their differences?

Large commercial kitchens and food processing areas require special protection for load-bearing construction elements, in addition to unconditional hygiene. Mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses – such as occur in large industrial kitchens – must be taken into account for planning and waterproofing. The Workplace Ordinance stipulates that floors must be made slip-resistant to ensure occupational safety.

Our kitchen floors (epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic resin coatings) have the advantage that all single components are finely coordinated with each other and tested as whole system. The choice of flooring depends on the requirements and intended use as well as the specific needs of your kitchen project. Below is a comparison of several of our coating systems for commercial kitchens.

This is what the KLB kitchen floorings have in common:



Hygienic floorings for large kitchens

Coatings in the food industry must meet high hygiene standards. Very good resistance to aggressive detergents and disinfectants is a prerequisite for functional floors in such areas. The jointless application of KLB systems is particularly advantageous for preventing dirt accumulation.


Waterproofing effect to protect the substrate

Connections to walls, appliance bases and gutters, as well as the planning for expansion joints, are of great importance. The systems must guarantee a permanent sealing of the substrate to protect the building fabric against the penetration of liquids or chemicals.


Adjusted slip-resistance grades for many areas

Every area of a kitchen places different demands on the floor coating. KLB systems create an optically uniform surface with different characteristics and degrees of slip-resistance. So that occupational safety is guaranteed at every level: from the washing area to the freezer unit, non-slip kitchen floors help to minimise the risk of slipping.


Low-noise and gentle on the joints

If the noise level in a kitchen is too high, communication between employees is impaired, increasing stress and the risk of accidents. On seamless kitchen floors, the noise caused by rolling carts and transport trolleys etc. is considerably reduced. What’s more, KLB kitchen coatings are pleasant to walk on and ergonomic for the joints, especially with abrupt turns and even liquids on the floor.

Comparison of our kitchen floors:

System H2

View the system

Low-VOC and slip-resistant polyurethane resin kitchen coating with high temperature stability

A PU coating for kitchens is characterised by its low VOC emissions and meets the strict requirements of Eurofins “Indoor Air Comfort Gold”, which is an essential certification for a healthy indoor climate.

In accordance with EAD 030352-00-0503, the composite waterproofing KLB-SYSTEM ABDICHTUNG CW 510 impresses with a good elasticity and flexibility at low temperatures, thus acting as a reliable barrier against the penetration of liquids or chemicals. The surface of System H2 KLB KITCHEN LOW-VOC PU is extremely resistant to chemicals and prevents permanent discolouration, even when in contact with strongly colouring foods such as curry, beetroot juice, red wine or coffee.

System H2 has been specially designed to withstand temperatures of up to 180 °C / 356 °F with dry and up to 90 °C / 194 °F with moist heat, which makes it perfectly suitable for kitchens with intensive cooking. It is also hard-wearing, highly resistant to mechanical loads and abrasion.

System H1

To the build-up

Slip-resistant epoxy resin kitchen coating

Epoxy resin is one of the most popular flooring options for commercial kitchens. Thanks to its special composition, System H1 is extremely resistant to wear, abrasion and exposure to chemicals, which makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic food processing areas. It provides a durable and easy-to-clean surface that retains its appearance and functionality even under heavy use.

The top sealer of System H1 has a preventative protection against bacterial contamination and is therefore particularly suitable for use in areas with increased hygiene requirements, even between cleaning and disinfection cycles. The sealant creates a matt surface with an attractive, uniform structure, whereas the non-slip properties ensure safe use by employees, minimising the risk of falls and accidents in the kitchen.

System H3

To System H3

Rapid-setting acrylic resin kitchen coating that cures at low temperatures

Acrylic resin not only provides rigidity to obtain a robust and durable flooring, but its main advantage is the fast curing. This considerably reduces downtime during installation and allows for short-term hardening – especially on day or weekend building sites. Even with lower temperatures, the system’s individual layers harden very quickly.

In addition to this, the acrylic resin kitchen floor System H3 has a high mechanical load-bearing capacity and durability, resistance to hot water up to 65 °C / 149 °F as well as an ease of cleaning.

The textured surface guarantees effective slip resistance to ensure work safety in the kitchen and to reduce the risk of accidents.

Learn more about our kitchen systems

KLB kitchen brochure and cleaning recommendation:

In this brochure, you will find further information, build-up recommendations as well as detailed drawings for floor-to-wall transitions, drains and gutters for all our flooring systems in commercial kitchens and other areas of the food processing industry:

To the kitchen brochure

Regular floor maintenance is also crucial for a hygienic, safe and functional kitchen over the long term. To find out what we recommend specifically for cleaning non-slip and structured floor coverings, you can refer to:

To the cleaning recommendation

The KLB sample folder “Kitchen”:

The KLB sample folders give you an even clearer idea of our comprehensive all-in-one systems for every flooring challenge – right up to the point where you can present your customers with coating solutions “live and in colour”.

You can request the folders directly from your personal responsible sales representative, who can also be found via the contact field on our website.

Colour chart with CQS mixtures:

The coloured sand mixtures CQS-46xx can be used to create different looks for slip-resistant and decorative scattered coatings.

The technical requirements of a kitchen floor can be complemented by these various combination possibilities of the CQS coloured quartz sand. KLB coverings are therefore highly flexible and can be tailored to individual customer wishes. The dyed-through quartz sand can be ground to obtain different slip resistance levels, while retaining its high-quality appearance.

To the colour chart

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