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New quality of PU 405

Now with easier processing and a more uniform surface appearance.

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EP 5590: static crack-bridging capability of 0.6 mm and vapour permeability

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Statically crack-bridging composite waterproofings

For floors and walls in wet rooms.

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ESD floor coating with new formula

While maintaining its good electrical conductivity, the product's viscosity has been reduced and the flow behaviour improved. With this ESD floor coating, it is now possible to cre...

  • Innovation
Storing and processing KLB products at lower temperatures

All chemical reactions are temperature-dependent; high temperatures lead to an acceleration of the reaction, whereas low temperatures can cause a significant delay in the reaction ...

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Our PU-Concrete product range is now presented as "CHEMORESIN PU-Beton". All our products with exceptional thermal, chemical and mechanical resistances will be available under this...

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Produkt-Lager und -Roboter in der Produktionshalle
Orders and deliveries by the end of 2023

There are only a few weeks left until Christmas and the year is drawing to a close. Here you will find an overview of deliveries before and after the holidays in 2023 and 2024. Our...

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PU 405 – new quality for better processing

PU 405 with its new quality has an optimised flow and working time that improves wet-on-wet processing at the same time, so that roller marks are no longer visible when designing l...

  • Innovation
Statically crack-bridging EP 5590 of 0.6 mm (- 10 °C) within the OS 8 system

EP 5590 is a flexibilised, water vapour-permable epoxy resin coating with a special static crack-bridging capability of 0.6 mm (at -10 °C).

  • Innovation
Bodenabdichtung in einer Gewerbeküche
Sealing walls and floors with CW 510 and CW 512

These new products are suitable for sealing floor surfaces in showers and sanitary facilities, as waterproofing on bathroom walls or for liquid-tight swimming pool surrounds and ha...

  • Innovation
Oberflächenschutzbeschichtung OS 8 Flex auf einer Einfahrt zu einer Tiefgarage
Flexibilised surface protection systems with static crack-bridging

Systems K6 and K7 are very robust, flexibilised surface protection systems tested based on OS 8 for mechanically highly loaded indoor surfaces. Due to their static crack-bridging c...

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KLB Academy

We want our customers to be fit for their customers.

Knowledge – the key to success

We would be pleased to bring you up to date in theory and practice about everything related to “coatings made of reaction resins”. The quality of a floor covering is not only a matter of material but also of correct planning and handling. Knowing the processing techniques and chemical composition of our products has more and more turned into a success factor for our customers to reach optimum results.

Experience know-how

For this purpose we have initiated our KLB Academy. Let us train and inform you with regular seminars in the use of our products, also with appropriate practical exercises – not only for our processing customers. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Ichenhausen. Please check up on available dates in good time: our seminars are popular and therefore, booked out relatively quickly.


KLB at the EPF Feuchtwangen 2023

The EPF trade fair for screed, parquet and tiles from 22 to 24 june 2023 is the ideal industry meeting point for floor coverings of all kinds.

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Review of the BAU 2023

In addition to the existing and proven portfolio, we were able to present you many new systems and products. With practical and solution-oriented information on KLB products and sy...

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KLB Academy 2023

Both beginners and experts in the coating sector got their money's worth in our KLB Academy seminars. In order to deepen what has been taught, we place great emphasis on the balanc...

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KLB at the trade fair Klimahouse 2023

In March 2023, the Trade Fair Klimahouse for Energy Efficient Renovation and Construction will take place in Bolzano in Italy. As a manufacturer of building chemicals, we will also...

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