Harmonised coating systems for floors and walls

KLB solutions for innovative design in interiors

Floor and wall coatings can be used in a wide variety of applications, primarily because of their outstanding technical properties. Coordinated KLB coating systems open up exciting new possibilities for implementing various colour design concepts.

KLB system solutions as a holistic concept

In the new building of the Günzburg fire station, two KLB systems were used to create a holistic fire-red appearance for floors and walls in the crew’s washrooms. High-quality, low-emission polyurethane-based systems are particularly suitable for such areas.

Wall and floor in one single wipe

The new KLB coating system G7 KLB DECOR LOW-VOC PU Light Sealed was applied here. G7 has elastic properties, is colour-stable and offers a uniform surface appearance thanks to the matt, colourless setting. For special use in the shower area, the liquid-tight composite seal PU 426was added.

Also new is the KLB wall coating system N2 KLB DECOR LOW-VOC WALL PU which had been applied to the walls as a multi-layer structure. High crack bridging is guaranteed with an incorporated reinforcement fleece. The floor is given a visually uniform overall appearance with the light-resistant, matt colour seal.

Drains as well as connections to the floor and walls are sealed with tapes and sleeves in accordance with all standards. The smooth and jointless design of the coatings thus offers little surface for soiling.

A technical and visual highlight

Both systems fulfil low-emission requirements according to Indoor Air Comfort Gold. Regular testing and inspections qualify them to be especially suitable for sustainable building projects according to DGNB, LEED or Minergie ECO. These properties and the extremely attractive surface of the systems – available in a wide range of colours – are ideal for both public and private objects where a sophisticated design is required.

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