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For almost 30 years now, KLB Kötztal Lacke + Beschichtungen GmbH has been a reliable partner when it comes to floor and wall coatings for various sectors. In-depth knowledge of the requirements for reactive resin products forms the basis for the wide range of developments and the formulation of tested and expert-recommended coating systems – true to our slogan “The systematic approach to great flooring.”

In addition to our core competence in industrial and commercial floor coverings, KLB offers manifold design options for creating attractive and visually appealing surfaces. Many products and systems have already been tested in accordance with the latest low-emission residential health standards and confirmed by independent testing institutes for a sustainable future. Further information can be found under the respective products and systems page.


Special products for highly chemical-resistant floorings.

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When it comes to particularly high chemical resistance requirements, CHEMORESIN combines the individual products from the KLB portfolio under one brand. The products are used in demanding areas of chemical production as well as in the beverage industry and food processing. The extraordinarily robust coverings and coating systems are characterised by their resistance to hot water, aggressive cleaning agents or chemicals (as in electroplating) as well as by their extreme resilience to mechanical loads, impacts or shocks.

From autumn 2023, KLB-SYSTEM PU-BETON will be reintroduced in a new guise, but with the same proven KLB quality – under the brand name CHEMORESIN PU-BETON. Learn more about the brand transition.

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Sustainable renovation of existing subfloors.

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Renew instead of throwing away! The products and systems in our KLB FLOOR SEALER range have been developed for the cost-effective renovation and upgrading of old, heavily loaded or out-of-date resilient floorings such as PVC, vinyl, rubber stud or rubber coverings. With these products, existing subfloors can be covered directly after appropriate preparation. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming removal or disposal, which also reduces the amount of waste generated during renovation work.

With a special variant of FLOOR SEALER, it is also possible to convert old non-conductive resilient floor coverings into electrically conductive ones. This means that such a conversion can be realised in just two sealing steps. For detailed information, please refer to our FLOOR SEALER brochure with a full application description for renovating existing floorings.

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Strong combination for gardening and landscaping as well as for path or road construction.

The world of KLB brands is complemented by our KÖTZTALER products for horticulture, landscaping and road construction. EP and PU binders combined with matching sands (e.g. ColorType paving joint sand) are available in a variety of different colours and load classes to form the basis for this area of application. This includes, for example, our special paving joint mortar, which is suitable for weed-free natural stone jointing in horticulture. As it is water-permeable, rainwater can seep through unhindered.

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KLB brands in action

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