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KLB – A visionary partner for planners and architects

Freedom of design

Floors made of reactive resin are the modern alternative to conventional coverings. In both indoor and outdoor spaces, they enable jointless surfaces on floors but also on walls and ceilings. This means a maximum of freedom when designing the colour and surface texture of a flooring, but also many other benefits thanks to our intelligent KLB system solutions.

Lots of room for creativity

Realise your creative ideas with our extraordinarily great colour and design variety, and our selection of all conceivable surface structures – whether it be glossy, opaque or slip-resistant. Our wide range offers unlimited inspiration, while we are happy to advise you personally: our sales team works hand in hand with your project from the conception and planning stages through to the smooth implementation on site.


KLB reactive resins can resolve technical issues that may occur with your individual flooring. Slip-resistance, electrical conductivity, requirements for chemical, thermal or mechanical stability, etc. – KLB always has a suitable floor to offer.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual wishes and requirements! You will therefore receive optimum support when realising your project, with us guaranteeing its fast and proper execution: we have practical answers to just about any service or design question you may have.

Our references as inspiration

Floors made of reactive resin offer a wide range of design options and plenty of scope for your ideas – perhaps even for your project.

WC-Bereich mit Spiegeln und mehreren Waschtischen und mit neu verlegtem Boden
Floor coating in the toilets of the Ulm university

For use in toilet rooms, moisture resistance and mechanical robustness were required to avoid any permanent damage to the floor. The risk of water puddles or splashes on the floor ...

  • Offices and public facilities
Kunstharzbeschichtung im Warenein- und ausgangsbereich mit Toren
Industrial flooring at natural remedies producer "Kräuterhaus"

An industrial floor covering was required that would support both the storage and production processes at the natural remedy manufacturer as well as to withstand the high mechanica...

  • Industry
Bodenbeschichtung im Küchenbereich mit Küchengeräten
Kitchen floor coating at company Multivac

The flooring had to offer the customer Multivac a safe, economical investment by combining many advantages in one system: in addition to resistance to chemicals and hot water, as i...

  • Foodstuffs
Auf einem Steinboden präsentierter Mercedes in einem Ausstellungsareal
Showroom at the car dealer Burger-Schloz

Since the surfaces are used for different purposes, they had to contrast with each other in terms of colour; part of them was sealed with a matt finish. At the same time, the floor...

  • Automotive, garages and car parks
  • Offices and public facilities

Our KLB systems have many advantages

The right solution for every requirement

Our comprehensive product portfolio gives you a wide range of design options and always the right answer to your flooring requirements. Whatever you have in mind, you can count on our assistance for your project at any time.

In addition to the need for technical performance, you will find floors that fulfil high visual demands – but also a broad spectrum of products with both properties.

Visible success instead of invisible risk

Our perfectly adapted system solutions provide a high degree of reliability for facing every challenge. Our coatings have the advantage that the system components designed by our research and development are perfectly compatible with each other in a way that their individual characteristics can play out their strengths in the whole system.

We are therefore able to guarantee your building project a smooth processing and floors that offer optimum performance.

Innovative systems and pioneering products

The market for floor coverings has evolved over the years. Our R&D department is driven by high requirements for technical properties and low emissions within sustainable construction projects. Many of our products are tested and certified as environmentally friendly.

We are not only working on improving existing products but also on bringing forward the development of new technologies and compositions for our products to meet the highest quality standards.

Build-up of system

  1. Coloured matt sealer KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 806 E
  2. Top coat KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 425 Comfort
  3. Impact sound-absorbing intermediate layer KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 430 Silent
  4. Primer KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 57, openly scattered with quartz sand KLB-Quarzsand 0.3/0.8 mm


Here you will find all the tools you need for creating your ideal floor, the right tender and much more! We support you in every step you take – and will do well to help you in a personal meeting or on-site

Bildschirm-Screenshot des Produktfinders auf der Homepage vor blauem Hintergrund
Try out and find your favourite design.

KLB floor systems do not only offer a wide variety and choice of functional solutions. Also when it comes to visual appearance, there are hardly any limits set to your creativity and individuality. Just get in and try it out. Have fun!

A customised floor system for your project.

Configure your individual floor system so it is tailored to your project’s specific demands. If there should be several options available, you can compare the systems in more detail.

Bildschirm-Screenshot des Produktfinders auf der Homepage vor blauem Hintergrund
Sample tenders for our coating systems.

Making work a little easier: Ausschreiben.de provides you with a large number of prepared tender documents for every project type and requirement.

Bildschirm-Screenshot des Systemfinders auf der Homepage vor blauem Hintergrund
The right product for every requirement and challenge.

You are looking for a single product with very specific characteristics or for a particular purpose? Then our comprehensive portfolio can help you to find precisely what you need.

Always at your service with professional advice

If you still have questions about our products or systems – please contact us. We will get in touch with you immediately.


Our competent KLB team will be happy to provide you with quick and straightforward personal advice on our coating systems.

General enquiries
+49 8223 96 92 0

Order hotline
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Hotline for technical enquiries
+49 8223 96 92 333

Sales service
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Hotline to our export department
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    PU 405 – new quality for better processing

    PU 405 with its new quality has an optimised flow and working time that improves wet-on-wet processing at the same time, so that roller marks are no longer visible when designing l...

    • Innovation
    Statically crack-bridging EP 5590 of 0.6 mm (- 10 °C) within the OS 8 system

    EP 5590 is a flexibilised, water vapour-permable epoxy resin coating with a special static crack-bridging capability of 0.6 mm (at -10 °C).

    • Innovation
    Bodenabdichtung in einer Gewerbeküche
    Sealing walls and floors with CW 510 and CW 512

    These new products are suitable for sealing floor surfaces in showers and sanitary facilities, as waterproofing on bathroom walls or for liquid-tight swimming pool surrounds and ha...

    • Innovation
    Oberflächenschutzbeschichtung OS 8 Flex auf einer Einfahrt zu einer Tiefgarage
    Flexibilised surface protection systems with static crack-bridging

    Systems K6 and K7 are very robust, flexibilised surface protection systems tested based on OS 8 for mechanically highly loaded indoor surfaces. Due to their static crack-bridging c...

    • Innovation

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