Low-emission building materials and floor coatings

Certification for sustainable building: the importance of sustainability labels.

People spend a considerable amound of time inside buildings. Healthy living, a good room climate as well as indoor air hygiene are becoming increasingly important. Many building materials or products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be released as gases or vapours and thus impair the air quality.

VOC-free or low-VOC products contain only little or no volatile organic compounds at all. Our aim is to offer you a range of products with the lowest possible emissions. To guarantee consistent quality, they are regularly tested for their VOC content.

The European Union has created the “Construction Product Regulation”, a legal framework for indoor air pollution control. In the following, you will find the most common labels awarded to our low-emission building products.

Testing whole systems

We test our system build-ups every year in collaboration with the independent and internationally-recognised institute “Eurofins Consumer Product Testing GmbH“. This ensures the high product quality that are customers are used to.

The results are labelled “Indoor Air Comfort” and “Indoor Air Comfort Gold“, thus complying with many international standards (low-emission based on AgBB, ABG, French class A+ and other requirements for sustainable building certification according to DGNB, BREEAM, LEED, etc.)

All of our low-emission coating systems have been awarded the “Indoor Air Comfort Gold” label, which fulfils the highest standards in terms of air quality and therefore contribute to a healthy indoor climate. It is one of the most ambitious labels for low emission values in Europe, and certified products are considered “best in class”.

More about the Eurofins label


Auszeichnung Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Zertifizierung als Stempel

Testing single products

The extensive testing of KLB systems by Eurofins is complemented with an additional monitoring of our individual products through the “Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials” (GEV).

Based on “Eurofins” test results, flooring materials and other building products are labelled according to the emission classes GEV-EMICODE EC2EC1 or EC1PLUS. This involves VOC emission testing at regular intervals and a categorisation according to the values.

Class EC2 stands for products that meet the basic requirements, while class EC1 awards building products that are very low in emissions. Particularly stringent limit values are required for the EC1PLUS class. Nearly all KLB products are certified with either EC1 or EC1PLUS.

More about the EMICODE label



Advantage for you as our customer, planner or installer

In order to provide you with a high-quality range of low-emission products, KLB carries out extensive voluntary testing. Our products and systems offer benefits in terms of health, environmental friendliness, legal compliance and market appeal.

This makes them an excellent choice for everyone involved in the construction process, from customers, planners and architects to installers, floor layers and coaters.



Products with low emission values contribute to a pleasant indoor climate and reduce the risk of health problems such as respiratory irritation or allergic reactions in residents.

They do not release any or only little odour, are comfortable to work with and therefore provide a safer working environment in terms of occupational health.


Environmental compatibility

Using and installing low-emission building materials helps to protect the environment, because they emit fewer pollutants.


Legal compliance

National and international organisations impose certain conditions for the certification of sustainable buildings in terms of protecting the environment and saving resources.

Low-emission products can be used to comply with these requirements and avoid potential legal problems.


Market appeal

The importance of sustainability continuous to grow, as does the demand for sustainable building materials and certified information. Quality labels are an important argument for the use of low-emission products in special areas.

Those who offer environmentally-friendly solutions distinguish themselves as pioneers in sustainable construction and thus strengthen their market position. Low-VOC building materials appeal to a wider target group, including customers who are concerned about the environment and healthy construction.

Read more: which of our products are particularly sustainable?

Further details on emissions, etc. can be found under the following links: www.eurofins.com and www.emicode.com.

This is an overview of our sustainable and low-emission coating systems from the KLB range:

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