Storing and processing reactive resins in the cold season

Our advice for the correct handling of KLB products at low temperatures.


Especially in the first months of the year, snow and ice often affect conditions on the construction site. To help you get through the cold season well, we would like to give you some valuable tips.

What can help to achieve a good coating result?

  • Timely material planning for your job site
  • Adhere to the necessary minimum temperatures (air, substrate and material to be applied!): these are specified in the product information, which you can download for each of our products
  • Heat rooms sufficiently long before application: but be careful with fan heaters! Increased air circulation promotes premature dehydration of our water-based products. Do not use gas heaters!
  • Install our fast-curing system resins of the RAPID series.


As a general rule:

All chemical reactions are temperature-dependent; high temperatures lead to an acceleration of the reaction, whereas low temperatures can cause a significant delay in the reaction process. The consequences are, for example, longer curing times, incomplete cross-linking, reduced stability or even carbamate formation.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help and advise you. Use the blue contact button in the top right-hand corner to contact your responsible sales representative to leave us a message or call us directly to clarify your questions with our experts.

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