Coating in summer: our hints and tricks for dealing with high temperatures

This is how to achieve a good coating result despite the heat.

Summer has arrived and with it comes not only warm temperatures, but also challenges when installing floor coatings. It is recommended to consider the effects that heat can have on coating materials and the work process already during preparation. We would like to give you some valuable tips and tricks on how to achieve the best possible coating result despite high temperatures:

Start early in the morning

Start coating as early in the morning as possible and take advantage of the cooler hours of the day before the heat reaches its peak. Mild temperatures are not only more comfortable to work, they also allow for better processing conditions.

Protect yourself from UV rays

Despite the heat, always work with long-sleeved clothing and protective goggles ; wear safety shoes and work gloves as recommended. When outdoors, use enough sunscreen and a headgear to protect your head and face from strong sunlight.

Keep surfaces to be coated in the shadow

Surfaces exposed to direct sunlight should be covered or sufficiently shaded by tarpaulins and tents in good time before coating work begins. Otherwise, undesirable results may occur that impair the appearance and durability of the coating.

Plan for (drinking) breaks

Plan regular breaks – and spend them in the shadow, if possible – to recover and drink enough. Especially during physically demanding activities such as floor installation, hydration ensures your well-being and health.

Avoid direct contact with the material

Liquids such as sweat can affect the chemical reaction and characteristics of the coating material. Gloves, peaked caps, sweatbands on the wrists or head absorb sweat and prevent it from dripping into the material.

Store material in a cool place

Ensure that the coating material is stored in a cool, shady place before starting to work. Pay attention to not store containers or buckets in a vehicle. Heat can affect the resin’s consistency and working time. Be sure to follow the product information on storage and processing temperature.

Avoid application in extreme humidity conditions

To guarantee the desired performance of the coating, it is essential to comply with the humidity specifications given in the product information sheets.

Adjust processing time

In the event of extreme temperatures, the material’s processing time may change. Adapt the working speed and, if necessary, the number of workers required to apply the material properly.

Careful planning and preparation are key to successful coating results despite high temperatures by taking these (often) simple but effective tips to heart. The safety and well-being of your employees is paramount. So make them aware of heat protection measures in hot conditions, as well as the importance of breaks and hydration in this context. This way, you and your team will get through the summer in good shape!

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