"Kräuterhaus Sanct Bernhard"

A production hall and warehouse for the producer of natural remedies and other nature-based personal care products.

Assignment and requirements

It is important to have optimal surrounding conditions in industrial plants with modern manufacturing and production technologies. This particularly concerns the floor, where relevant factors are a good stability, high wear resistance, durability and, above all, economic viability at the time of purchase.

Particularities and challenges

Therefore, a floor covering was required that would support both the storage and production processes at the natural remedy manufacturer. The industrial floor had to withstand the high mechanical loads caused by forklift trucks or other means of transport used in daily operations.

However, the visual appearance should not be completely disregarded: the customer could individually select and combine different colours for the floor.

The solution

The ideal solution was the combination of a coloured sand scattered covering with the fast-curing decorative quartz pebble binder KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 174. This resulted in a reactive resin coating whose advantages are its load-bearing capacity and, at the same time, a high-quality visual appearance.

On one hand, the floor covering is highly durable and accessible by traffic; on the other, it convinces with a very versatile colour range. By scattering decorative coloured quartz sand into the coating, it was possible to meet all the client’s visual requirements. The care sealant KLB-SYSTEM Industriebodenpflege PS 88 was used as top layer to produce an attractive surface with a silky gloss finish.

The Project

Category: Pallet and high-bay warehouse, production rooms
Area size: 3,000 m²
Area type: Industrial warehouse
Completion: August 2021

Inidividualisierter Schichtaufbau mit Abstreubeschichtung mit Nummerierung

Build-up of system

6. Maintenance with care sealer KLB-SYSTEM Industriebodenpflege PS 88

5. Pore-closure with KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 174

4. Trowelling coat KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 174 with intermediate sanding

3. Apply the coating KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 174, fully scattered with coloured quartz sand KLB-Colorquarzsand

2. Scratch coat with KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 50

1. Primer with KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 50

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