Economical renovation of subfloors

Our product range KLB FLOOR SEALER

A simple solution for the renovation of top floors, without long downtimes: this is what our KLB FLOOR SEALER systems make possible.

KLB FLOOR SEALER was developed for the renovation and upgrading of old or out-of-date resilient floorings (e.g. PVC, vinyl, linoleum, rubber, rubber stud coverings and many more). This makes it possible to refresh the colour and decorative appearance of coatings in just a few working steps and in a short period of time.

The product range includes the two sealers KLB FLOOR SEALER 100 Transparent and KLB FLOOR SEALER 200 Color. Both products are polyurethane-based, environmentally friendly 2-component sealers which, in addition to an attractively matt surface, offer good resistance to staining and to light. All FLOOR SEALER products are certified as extremely low-emission according to EMICODE EC1plus and can therefore be used in indoor areas without any problems.

Your direct contact

For further information and detailed personal consultation on the renovation of floor coverings with KLB FLOOR SEALER, please contact us by e-mail:

For a long-term attractive appearance, please use our cleaning and maintenance recommendation for further, detailed information on cleaning floor coverings sealed with FLOOR SEALER products.

This is how you proceed with the application

Moreover, only a single work step is required for basic cleaning and surface preparation: with the KLB special cleaning pad and the basic cleaner KLB FLOOR CLEANER PS 350 Grundreiniger, the old floor coating is thoroughly cleaned and at the same time mechanically prepared for the subsequent coating. Two different systems can be applied with KLB FLOOR SEALER:


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The KLB FLOOR SEALER ECONOMIC system is recommended for a very economical and quick refurbishment of old floorings. It consists of two coloured sealing layers with KLB FLOOR SEALER 200 Color. The wide range of colour tones, its high opacity and abrasion resistance offer numerous application possibilities.




3. Second sealing layer with KLB FLOOR SEALER 200 Color

2. First sealing layer with KLB FLOOR SEALER 200 Color

1. Old flooring with recommended preparation


With the second system, KLB FLOOR SEALER EXCLUSIVE, there exists another opportunity in redesigning and upgrading old surface coatings: in addition to the two sealing layers as in the ECONOMIC build-up, the EXCLUSIVE system is sealed with a further transparent wearing layer of KLB FLOOR SEALER 100 Transparent. Optionally, to fulfil higher visual demands, decorative flakes KLB-SYSTEM partiColor®-Chips No. 1 can be scattered into the still wet, second sealing coat before applying the final wearing layer.



4. Wearing layer with KLB FLOOR SEALER 100 Transparent

3. Second sealing layer with KLB FLOOR SEALER 200 Color and optionally, scattering not in full with partiColor®-Chips No. 1

2. First sealing layer with KLB FLOOR SEALER 200 Color

1. Old flooring with recommended preparation

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