System H3

Rapid-setting, slip-resistant PMMA coating for kitchens

Build-up of system

  1. Top sealer KLB-SYSTEM ACRYL AC 826
  2. Base coat with KLB-SYSTEM ACRYL AC 313 and mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 2/1, fully scattered with KLB coloured quartz sand 
  3. Membrane layer with KLB-SYSTEM ACRYL AC 390 and mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 2/1
  4. Scratch coat with KLB-SYSTEM ACRYL AC 313 and mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 2/1
  5. Primer KLB-SYSTEM ACRYL AC 20, scattered with quartz sand KLB-Quarzsand 0.7/1.2 mm

System description

The coating system H3 complies with all requirements for both commercial or industrial kitchen floors and other wet surfaces that require robust and slip-resistant coatings. The formulation with fast-curing PMMA binding agents enables a very rapid hardening of the system’s individual layers – which reduces installation times, especially for short time windows on day or weekend building sites.

Alternative systems: System H2 as low-emission version, System H1 with regular curing times.


  • slip-resistant in R11
  • slip-resistant in R12/R13
  • rapid-setting
  • glossy
  • resistant to industrial trucks
  • resistant to chemicals
  • structured
  • curing at low temperatures
  • rigid
  • resistant to mechanical load
  • impervious to fluids
  • resistant to hot water up to 65 °C / 149 °F

Build-up of system – single products used

Each of our coating systems is a combination of perfectly matched products.


Low-viscosity, rapid-setting PMMA primer for mineral substrates and subsequent PMMA coatings.  Please order hardener powder separately!

KLB-SYSTEM KLB-Quarzsand 0.3/0.8 mm

Fire-dried, graded quartz sand in graduated grain sizes to be used as filling material for reactive resin works and coatings.


Rapid-setting, flexibilised PMMA coating resin for slip-resistant scattered coatings in wet areas. The coating compound is produced by adding pigments, mixed sa...

KLB-Mischsand 2/1

Standard filling sand mixture for scratch coats and as an additive to unfilled coating systems based on epoxy or acrylic resins, such as for EP 99, AC 313, AC 320, AC 390.

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