Sealing walls and floors with CW 510 and CW 512

Statically crack-bridging composite waterproofings tested based on EAD 030352-00-0503.

Walls and floors that come into partial or even permanent contact with water must be effectively sealed against moisture. Our new products CW 510 for floors and CW 512 for walls are suitable for sealing surfaces in showers and sanitary facilities, on bathroom walls or for liquid-tight swimming pool surrounds. Both composite waterproofings have excellent elasticity properties and are flexible even at low temperatures. Chemical resistance is given to water and salts, saline solutions, diluted alkalis as well as diluted mineral acids and solvents such as oil, fuel, petrol and grease.

CW 510 can also be used in commercial or industrial kitchens, for example as part of the H2 system, to create a waterproof floor covering. As well as providing unlimited hygiene, it is also important to permanently protect the underlying building structure. These two sealing products are ideal for medium to heavy wet loads (water exposure classes W1-I to W3-I) in accordance with DIN 18534 Part 3, and are tested according to EAD 030352-00-0503 (former ETAG 022) for the sealing of walls and floors in wet rooms. This certification is crucial for the approval as waterproofing products.

That’s convincing!

  • low-emission
  • Total Solid according to GISCODE (Test method “Deutsche Bauchemie”) for CW 510
  • static crack-bridging of class A3 (according to DIN EN 1062-7 Procedure C) > 0.4 mm at 23 °C / 73.4 °F
  • good processing properties
  • low-shrink
  • good resistance to water and chemicals
  • coatable with reactive resins

Waterproofing within System H2 KLB KITCHEN PU LOW-VOC

After the application of the primer and scattering of the scratch coat for better adhesion, two layers of CW 510 are applied following System H2 KLB KITCHEN PU LOW VOC. Here, the same product can be used to seal the connections, inlets, penetrations, etc. before coating by incorporating suitable sealing ribbons, sleeves or corner elements (see tools catalogue). After two layers of waterproofing using CW 510, the surface is recoated with reactive resin coatings.

Tested system build-up:

4. Base coat with KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 424, filled with mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 3/1, then fully scattered with KLB coloured quartz CQS
3. Second waterproofing layer KLB-SYSTEM ABDICHTUNG CW 510
3. First waterproofing layer KLB-SYSTEM ABDICHTUNG CW 510
2. Scratch coat with KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 53 Spezialgrund AgBB and mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 2/1, openly scattered with KLB quartz sand
1. Primer KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 53 Spezialgrund AgBB

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