PU 405 with new quality

Improved formula for easier application and a uniform surface appearance.

The updated self-levelling version of our KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 405 brings a number of new benefits, including easier processing on larger surfaces. In the new quality, the resin has an optimised flow and working time that improves wet-on-wet processing at the same time, so that roller marks are no longer visible. When designing larger areas, this results in a uniform, seamless surface without any edges at the transitions of the applied lanes.

The new PU 405 setting thus facilitates planning and coordination of time and resources. These improvements are particularly evident when carrying out demanding decorative projects – even in case of angled surfaces where accuracy and a high-quality finish in the shortest possible time are required.

In its improved version, PU 405 is low-emission, colour-stable and, thanks to the extensive light stability, also allows the installation of light colours to create attractive and enhancing surfaces. The low emission values ensure healthy indoor air quality and are certified with the Eurofins “Indoor Air Comfort Gold” label.

Due to its elasticity and the resulting walking comfort, the coating is mainly suitable for residential and commercial spaces, doctor’s surgeries or fitness centres. PU 405 can also be used as a coating on rigid and deformable substrates, e.g. mastic asphalt, wood or mixed material substrates as found in renovation projects. Numerous decorative finishes are possible with this product, including wiping techniques for the most unique floor designs.

Diisocyanate training obligation

Please note that according to the REACH restriction on diisocyanates in polyurethanes, the processing and use of PU 405 is subject to mandatory training.

All important information and further links to the currently available trainings can be found here:

To the news article

Overview of the main advantages of PU 405:

Colour-stable in the long-term and light-stable to a large extent, even with lighter colour tones
Auszeichnung Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Zertifizierung als StempelLow-emission according to AgBB and suitable for recreation rooms, certified with Eurofins “Indoor Air Comfort Gold”
Self-levelling and easy-to-apply: neat finish without marks, also on larger surfaces
Elasticity for optimum walking comfort
Free of solvents and deleterious substances against varnish
All possible colour variants can be seen in our KLB standard colour chart; special or custom colours upon request


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