Safety training for diisocyanates

REACH restriction on diisocyanates in polyurethane resins.

Ichenhausen, 29 July 2023 – as already communicated in official letters to our customers, KLB Kötztal Lacke + Beschichtungen GmbH, leading manufacturer of high-quality reactive resin coatings, would like to draw your attention to the current training obligation for handling diisocyanates: by August 24, 2023, all commercial or industrial applicators must have received training on diisocyanates in polyurethane resins. This is to protect the health of employees and raise awareness of the safe handling of these chemicals. What you need to know:


What are diisocyanates?

Diisocyanates are a type of chemical compounds that contain two isocyanate groups in their molecule. They play a central role in the production of extremely versatile, flexible and durable polyurethanes, which are used in a wide range of everyday products such as insulating materials, adhesives, foams, but also in coatings.

Low monomeric Diisocyanate with no training needed

Polyurethanes with a total concentration of monomeric diisocyanates below 0.1% are exempt from mandatory training.


What are the hazards of diisocyanates?

If diisocyanates are inhaled as vapours or particles or get on the skin and in the eyes, they can cause irritation, allergic reactions or even asthma. That is why there are specific safety regulations and training obligations for diisocyanates that are mandatory in the EU. Such instructions teach users how to handle diisocyanates safely, for example by wearing protective clothing and using appropriate PSA.

It is important that both employers and their employees understand the importance of diisocyanate training and attend it regularly. In this way, safety in the workplace can be ensured and health risks minimised.


Who is subject to mandatory training and where can it be obtained?

Diisocyanate training must be carried out by all professional and industrial users who work with products containing diisocyanates or in whose production diisocyanates are used, e.g. floor layers. It must be repeated at least every five years. If you have not already taken part in KLB training courses, you can also receive training via the official website.

As a KLB customer, you can attend the training for free! In our last information letter we provided you with a coupon code which you can enter at the end of the order process:

Register for training 049


Responsibility and commitment at KLB Kötztal

As a manufacturer of reactive resin coatings, KLB Kötztal Lacke + Beschichtungen GmbH cares about the safety and health protection of their customers and partners. That is why we are actively committed to providing comprehensive information on the safe handling of diisocyanates in polyurethane resins – because these are also contained in our products. Our trained experts are in close contact with customers and users to provide all necessary information. This way, we aim to raise awareness of the dangers of diisocyanates and at the same time highlight the safety aspects of dealing with our products.

As part of our basic seminars in the KLB Academy series this spring, numerous applicators have already been able to complete professional diisocyanate training course at our premises. Our commitment to quality, sustainability and occupational safety is not only reflected in the service, but also in our products, which meet the highest standards and enable a safe working environment:

To the KLB product portfolio

For further information and enquiries about mandatory training for diisocyanates and our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find your personal contact in the KLB sales service via the blue button at the top right.

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