Conductive matt sealer PU 813 EL+/ESD

Uncompromising functionality on various substrates.

The consequences of an uncontrolled electrical discharge can be very diverse. Examples are display errors or malfunctions in sensitive electronic devices. Depending on the area of application, this can lead to dangerous or very expensive situations.

In ESD areas, one therefore relies on electrically conductive floors. Unlike many other coverings, PU 813 EL+/ESD does not depend on additional system layers for its conductivity, but can also be used without a conductive layer or dissipative coating. It adheres well to a wide variety of substrates and is conductive regardless of air humidity – a real all-rounder among PU sealers!

This favours a flexible change of use of rooms, e.g. when a coffee kitchen can be easily converted into a server room. The only prerequisite is that insulating EP and PU floors are already in place. A single work step – the one-time application of the sealant – serves simultaneously as a primer, intermediate and final coat. The condition for reliable conductivity is that copper tapes are being applied in accordance with VDE regulations.

That’s convincing!

  • low-emission, environmentally friendly
  • suitable for ESD applications, for EX and personal protection
  • very good resistance to chemicals and staining
  • UV-stable and weather-resistant
  • available in R9, R10
  • good adhesion
  • visually appealing, matt surface with high colour variety
  • for quick refurbishment and change of use

Qualified for explosion and personal protection

In addition, PU 813 EL+/ESD is also suitable for these much more demanding areas. If requirements for EX or personal protection are taken into account, the system F6 KLB CONDUCTIVE LOW-VOC PU ESD Elastic can be applied. This floor system contains several conductive layers and is mainly used on commercial and industrial surfaces with special demands on ESD discharge, EX protection or low emissions.

Multifunctionality on a new level

The matt sealant offers the installer particularly user-friendly handling by simply rolling up the material, which is “ready to use” just like an ordinary sealant (please refer to our product information).

For special requirements, the product can be applied as a finish onto the following flow coatings:

For conductive coatings:

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