Functional, decorative wall coating in the shower area

Visually appealing and low-emission wall coating in striking fire-red.

Assignment and requirements

For common rooms such as the changing and shower cubicles of the Günzburg volunteer fire brigade, a low-pollutant floor coating was generally considered a relevant criterion. Furthermore, a low emission level, permanent resilience as well as resistance to abrasion and to slipping had to be the corresponding product features for the new fire station.

During the planning process, the idea came up to design the shower area accordingly in fire red. Since the floor coating had already been carried out with KLB products, both systems could be matched to each other in technique and colour.

Particularities and challenges

The design concept of the project was unmistakably tailored to the volunteer fire brigade: instead of a neutral colour, the showers were completely coated in fire red, which was made possible by KLB’s wide range of products. In addition, a jointless transition on the walls and to all drains was ensured. This gives the surfaces in the shower area the appearance of being made from a single mould.

The solution

The multi-layer SYSTEM N2 KLB DECOR LOW-VOC WALL PU serves as a wall coating with specific properties that perfectly suit this project. Besides good light and water resistance, the use of this non-porous system results in even more advantages, such as easy cleaning and maintenance.

Low emission values round off the overall package of the coating system and certify it with the “Indoor Air Comfort Gold” label as well as for sustainable building according to DGNB, LEED or Minergie ECO.

The Project

Category: Showers
Area size: 30 m²
Area type: Wet surfaces in hygiene areas
Completion: June 2020

Build-up of system

  1. Matt sealer KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 806 E – Wall
  2. Second fine trowelling layer with KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 662
  3. Fine trowelling with KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 662
  4. Wall coating with KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 662 and reinforcement fleece KLB Armierungsvlies VA 1044
  5. Levelling layer with KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHANE PU 662
  6. Primer KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 727 E

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