Decorative special trowelling coating

in a private residential building.

Assignment and requirements

The special focus of this project was on the coherent, noble interior design in combination with wood and the discreet furnishings. A modern concrete look needed to give the living area an elegant character that harmonises well with the existing furniture.

At the same time, the concept should meet the specifications and requirements of inhabited rooms. After all, for occupied spaces such as in private homes, floor coatings should have a low VOC content and be highly environmentally friendly.

Particularities and challenges

The concrete look was intended to enhance the surface throughout the entire living area. In the bathroom, the floor also acts as a moisture-tolerant wall coating for dry or wet areas, as well as being “brilliant” in terms of design and function.

The use of quartz sand as a mineral component results in an excellent resistance to scratches or other mechanical stresses of daily life. The insensitive surface thus offers above-average durability.

The slightly rough and therefore slip-resistant coating gives a pleasant walking comfort. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the resulting strong daylighting made it necessary to choose light-stable products to prevent the covering from yellowing.

The solution

For this special object, the rubbing board method was used with an intermediate sanding. Normally, a final matt sealer creates a noble-looking finish. Instead of sealing, however, the surfaces in this residential building were treated with wax. Compared to conventional mineral concrete floors, this build-up of coats is particularly resistant to micro-crack formation and an absolute eye-catcher in the long run. Due to the jointless design and the slightly slip-resistant surface, the flooring is also very easy to clean.

Please note: the unique installation technique to create this decorative surface was developed and implemented by our customer. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any technical support on this, but we do not want to deprive you of the result achieved through the coordinated use of our products.

The Project

Category: Living room, bathroom
Area size: 180 m²
Area type: Floors in living areas
Completion: June 2020

Build-up of system

  1. Matt sealer KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 805 E
  2. Special trowelling coat by the rubbing board method with intermediate sanding using KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 410 and a special quartz sand mixture
  3. Scratch coat with KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 410 and mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 2/1
  4. Primer KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 53 Spezialgrund-AgBB

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