Our well-known PU-BETON product range now runs under KLB brand CHEMORESIN.

For years now, KLB-SYSTEM PU-BETON has been synonymous with maximum thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance and durability: these properties are often required for floors in the food industry. PU-BETON coverings are technically very demanding to install in order for them to withstand these external influences without damage.

As part of a new brand identity, our KLB-SYSTEM PU-BETON product range is now presented under the KLB brand “CHEMORESIN” as CHEMORESIN PU-BETON. All our products with exceptional thermal, chemical and mechanical resistances will be available under this new name. By changing the brand and product name, we will be able to respond even better to your specific requirements for highly robust reactive resin coatings in the most challenging industrial environments.

With the rebranding, we want to clearly differentiate this product range from other KLB products. This new formulation of materials is now also available with the option of acceleration using the catalyst CHEMORESIN PU-BETON 4094 KAT and offers the proven high KLB quality as well as an even more efficient application to meet your requirements.

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These are the advantages of the new setting:

Better workability

In our in-house R&D department, CHEMORESIN PU-BETON has been optimised for improved processability. Thanks to the lower viscosity, the product is easier to mix and apply, which increases work efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for highly demanding construction projects.

Faster hardening

By adding our new CHEMORESIN PU-BETON 4094 KAT accelerator, curing time can be significantly reduced. The surface is accessible after approx. 4 hours and fully usable again after 6 to 8 hours. This flexibility means that projects can be managed even more efficiently, and weekend renovations be carried out on schedule.

The new setting allows the catalyst dosage to be adjusted individually as needed. The exact quantities are shown in the accelerator table in the product data sheet. A dispenser and suitable plastic measuring cup facilitate precise dosing.

Less material input

CHEMORESIN PU-BETON 4004 is a new, highly economical version with a layer thickness of only 4 mm. Nevertheless, the coverings are very durable and can withstand the most extreme loads or temperature fluctuations.

CHEMORESIN PU-BETON convinces with the following characteristics:

Vorteile von CHEMORESIN PU-Beton in der LebensmittelindustrieFaster curing:

The hardening times of our CHEMORESIN PU-BETON products can be considerably improved by adding the accelerator CHEMORESIN PU-BETON 4094 KAT. Downtimes are thus minimised with only few interruptions to running processes, and weekend renovations, for example, be managed well.

Vorteile von CHEMORESIN PU-Beton in der LebensmittelindustrieMechanical robustness:

Thanks to the innovative binding agents, the surface is very robust when cured and withstands mechanical loads. CHEMORESIN PU-BETON offers maximum resistance to heavy machine traffic, forklift trucks, impacts or scratches. This means that the coating is very durable and retains its high-quality properties even under frequent traffic. In the long run, this leads to cost savings in terms of maintenance and repair.

Vorteile von CHEMORESIN PU-Beton in der LebensmittelindustrieTemperature resistance:

The products can cope with extreme temperature fluctuations and conditions, ranging from very low up to very high. This makes them suitable for up to 130 °C / 266 °F with moist heat (such as hot water) and up to 150 °C / 302 °F with dry heat.

Vorteile von CHEMORESIN PU-Beton in der LebensmittelindustrieHygienic and easy to clean:

The non-porous surface is easy to clean and to disinfect – also using steam-jet cleaning equipment – which is of great importance in industries with strict hygiene requirements that require a jointless, closed and homogeneous flooring surface to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Vorteile von CHEMORESIN PU-Beton in der LebensmittelindustrieSlip-resistance:

CHEMORESIN PU-BETON coverings can be produced in slip-resistance grades R9 to R13. Thus, at all workplaces and in rooms with slip hazards, the floor coverings required by the Workplace Ordinance can be installed in such a way that occupational safety is guaranteed.

Vorteile von CHEMORESIN PU-Beton in der LebensmittelindustrieHigh resistance to chemicals:

The products are very resistant to acids, bases, oil, solvents and other chemicals, which makes them ideal for use in industrial environments where contact with aggressive substances or permanent wet exposure is likely.

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