Formation of accessible joints – reliably and within the shortest possible time

Our rapid-setting and low-odour KLB product combination for producing level, hard-wearing industrial floors.

Time-saving joint grouting whether in new construction or renovation:

When creating movement or connection joints, such as industrial, expansion, shrinkage or structural joints between concrete floor slabs, our rapid-setting KLB combo solution can show off its advantages. The solvent-free and fast-curing PU 68 Rapid U is first used as a primer for reprofiling the joint area and then as a binding agent for the production of classic mortars in combination with mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 1. After application, the resin can be worked over as a base coat and mortar after only 60 minutes. Following the separating cut and the insertion of a round cord, PU 466 is applied – a finely tuned, highly elastic and tensile polyurethane block grouting material that is poured into the profiled joint. For wider and traversable block joints, as in this project, the resin is filled with mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 2/1.

The excellent characteristics of the KLB product combo go hand in hand with an extremely fast hardening: the low-odour and pleasant processing, quick recoatability and reusability of the surface means that joints can be formed, renewed and repaired within one day, and delays on the construction site be avoided. This saves time and costs and is particularly important for renovations in the industrial or commercial sector that allow only little downtime. High compressive and tensile strength as well as optimised elongation capacity of the material ensure a long, safe use of the joint.

That’s convincing!

  • very short installation time
  • highly elastic and deformable
  • noise and vibration damping
  • joint can be driven over smoothly
  • low-odour and convenient processing
  • 24 hours until mechanical load, 36 hours until chemical load

Why use flexible material for joint grouting?

The very high elasticity and good resilience of the polyurethane grouting resin PU 466 help to form block grouting joints that can withstand mechanical stress. Any shear or compressive forces that occur can be evenly diverted by the material’s deformability, and movements of components are absorbed. Joints made with PU 466 are smooth, permanently elastic and can be driven over with forklift trucks or other vehicles without any problems – quietly thanks to the surface grinding after hardening.

Where can the new KLB power combo be used?

  • Deformable block joints on accessible concrete slabs in industrial halls or on storage and commercial surfaces with floor conveyor traffic
  • Joints on parking decks or in underground parking garages that can be driven over
  • Movement, expansion and shrinkage joints between concrete floor slabs and screed elements
  • Floor joints with medium to high compressive load

Block joint grouting in only a few work steps

Using PU 68 Rapid U and PU 466 to produce accessible and deformable joints



Breaking out or chiseling out the existing, damaged joint profile to hold the new elastic block joint. Then priming with PU 68 Rapid U and reprofiling the (malformed) hole with a rapid-setting mortar made of PU 68 Rapid U and mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 1 in a mixing ratio of 1 : 10.*


After the mortar has hardened:

Open the filled joint by a separating cut, and insert a closed-cell PE round cord of suitable width (the joint geometry must be adapted to the structural conditions, seek advice if necessary). Add the grouting material PU 466 filled with 33% of mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 2/1 (density: 1.90 kg/dm³), fill the joint at the edge with 1 – 2 mm.*


After the grouting resin has hardened:

Grind the filled joint even with the surface of the concrete slab using an angle grinder incl. diamond blade, optionally by fine grinding with an eccentric sander for higher demands on visual appearance; which is followed by vacuuming and the application of a scratch coat with PU 466, then finely sanding again and subsequent optional sealing with PU 9018 Flex Color.*

Further information in the product flyer


*You can find detailed processing instructions and material consumption in the product information.


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