Fast renovation of electrically conductive floorings

Overcoating of conductive coverings or change of use for non-conductive floors.

Static electricity caused by friction on the floor can not only be unpleasant for people, but also damage sensitive equipment. It is therefore important to reduce electrical charges in these areas: this is where floor coverings come into play by safely discharging through an earthing point.

FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic is an economical, high-performance solution for quickly and effectively restoring visually unappealing conductive resilient floor coverings.

What is KLB FLOOR SEALER Antistatic?

FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic is a conductive, coloured 2-component polyurethane top sealer for enhancing old floor coverings that are no longer visually appealing in just a few steps, in order to maintain their functionality in terms of conductivity. It is used for refurbishing conductive elastic top floors, e.g. linoleum, PVC or rubber stud coverings in a colourful and decorative way – but also non-conductive floorings. It is possible to transform such resilient floors from non-conductive into dissipative ones. For this purpose, the surface coverings can be sealed twice in colour with FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic after gluing in KLB copper strips. This results in a plain-coloured, electrically conductive, matt surface.

FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic R10 is a special conductive top sealer for producing slip-resistant surfaces of over R9. It has been tested according to DIN 51130 and BGR 181, rated with slip resistance grade R10.

The hardened sealer has good resistance to staining as well as to cleaning agents, surface disinfectants, diluted acids and bases. The homogeneously matt surface is easy and uncomplicated to keep clean. Such removal of dirt from the floor guarantees its safe functionality and required electrical discharge values.

That’s convincing:

  • electrically conductive for explosion protection and increased demands on ESD protection
  • very low-emission, odorless and environmentally friendly
  • coloured, mat surface
  • light-stable
  • low susceptibility to staining
  • very high adhesion
  • homogeneous surface look
  • resistant to abrasion and wear
  • suitable for economical renovations

All products from the FLOOR SEALER range are certified with the “Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold” and the EMICODE EC1plus label as particularly low in emissions and environmentally friendly, which makes them especially suitable for indoor use. This label stands for very low emissions in ambient air as well as the fulfilment of the highest environmental and health requirements.

Auszeichnung Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Zertifizierung als Stempel      

Application possibilities of KLB FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic:

Vorteile von CHEMORESIN PU-Beton in der Lebensmittelindustrie

Renovation of conductive top coverings

Intact conductive top coverings can be sealed in colour using two layers of the ESD-dissipative and low-emission sealer FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic R10 to restore an optically pleasing, electrically conductive surface that complies with the requirements of personal and ESD protection.

Vorteile von CHEMORESIN PU-Beton in der Lebensmittelindustrie

Conversion of non-conductive top coverings

If existing non-conductive top floors are to be converted to be dissipative using FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic R10, KLB copper strips are glued onto the prepared substrate, which is then sealed twice.

Depending on the substrate, deviating conductivity values for resistance to ground, human-shoe-floor and walking test are possible.

Application using only one product:

System build-up:

3. Wearing layer with FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic
2. Sealing layer with FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic
1. Old flooring with recommended preparation and KLB copper tape glued in

Your advantages with KLB FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic:

Sanierung von Altbelägen mit dem ESD-ableitfähigen KLB FLOOR SEALER 300 Antistatic

Reliable ESD conductivity, transformation of rooms possible

Wirtschaftliche Sanierungslösung für leitfähige Altbeläge mit FLOOR SEALER

Extending useful life of floor coverings, high economic efficiency

Sanierung von alten Bodenbelägen mit schnellen Sanierungszeiten und kurzem Betriebsausfall

Fast renovation and only minor downtimes

You can find details on the processing as well as all other important details about the product and our entire FLOOR SEALER range in the following brochure:

To the FLOOR SEALER brochure

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