Transparent sealer EP 175 Spezial for scattered or decorative sand mortar coverings

Now available with improved characteristics.

KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 175 Spezial convinces as high-quality, transparent 2-component epoxy resin sealer for scattered and decorative sand mortar coatings. Its high resistance to water, chemicals and strong mechanical stress enables, among other things, the use in food or kitchen areas that are exposed to wetness, e.g. as a top sealer for slip-resistant floorings.

That’s convincing!

  • low-yellowing
  • suitable for wet areas
  • resistant to abrasion and wear
  • non-pigmented and glossy


  1. Yellowing resistance
    The sealer’s chemical composition counteracts the yellowing process of the epoxy resin. Under UV exposure, colour changes are significantly reduced and the floor remains visually appealing, while lighter coverings can retain their original colour for longer.
  2. Product safety
    Regardless of the layer thickness, application method and substrate condition, EP 175 Spezial offers a high level of product safety during installation. This means that a very good coating result can be achieved also with unfavourable processing or construction site conditions.
  3. Carbamate resistance
    The revision of the formulation resulted, among other things, in excellent carbamate resistance, even at low temperatures.
  4. Storage stability
    Crystallisation of the resin component at lower temperatures can be avoided due to the improved shelf life. As a result, there is no segregation in the buckets and processing from larger containers for large areas can also be carried out effortlessly.

This is where EP 175 Spezial can show all its advantages:

EP 175 Spezial is used primarily in areas subject to mechanical and chemical stress or if, in addition to functionality, special requirements are also placed on the visual appearance of the floor.

Examples are:

  • sealing slip-resistant scattered coatings in the food processing sector, e.g. in kitchens exposed to wetness, slaughterhouses, butchers or the meat and fish industry
  • as a pore-closing and smoothing trowelling coat for coloured, fine-grained decorative and terrazzo floor coverings
  • to obtain a visually high-quality coating result in combination with glass beads on various smooth EP coverings for slip-resistance grade R9 (see reference)

Technical data:

Viscosity – Components A + B600 – 700mPasDIN EN ISO 3219 (23 °C/73.4 °F)
Solid content99.8%KLB method
Density – Components A + B1.08kg/lDIN EN ISO 2811-2 (20 °C/68 °F)
Water absorption< 0.2weight-%DIN 53495
Bending tensile strength> 25N/mm²DIN EN 196/1
Compressive strength> 70N/mm²DIN EN 196/1
Shore hardness D> 78DIN 53505 (after 7 days)

The closed, jointless surface is abrasion and wear resistant, meets the high hygiene standards in the relevant areas and is at the same time very easy to clean and keep clean which helps to reduce cleaning or maintenance costs. EP 175 Spezial also shows what it’s made of when objects fall on it. Abrasion resistance and maximum load-bearing capacity are a matter of course, so there is no need to compromise on use and hygiene with this product.

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