System I2

Industrial flooring for wet areas exposed to hot water and chemicals, with slip-resistant surface

Build-up of system

  1. Top sealant KLB-SYSTEM PU-BETON PU 4080
  2. Mortar coating with KLB-SYSTEM PU-BETON PU 4006/PU 4009, scattered with KLB quartz sand or corundum depending on the desired slip-resistance (please refer to test certificates)
  3. Primer KLB-SYSTEM PU-BETON PU 4050

System description

The coating system I2 is characterised by a better temperature resistance than conventional epoxy or reactive resin systems. It  is used in areas that are frequently exposed to water, hot water, high temperatures or chemicals – which must therefore be sufficiently slip-resistant in order to guarantee occupational safety. These properties make the system suitable for floors in the food production and processing, beverage industry, chemical industry and many other sectors.

The slip-resistant coating (R11 to R13) is cleanable with steam jets. Due to the chemical composition of the floor, it is not set to be resistant to UV exposure and thus, yellowing can occur. The high-quality technical characteristics of the flooring are not affected by this. PU-BETON PU 4009 has a higher temperature resistance than PU-BETON 4006.

Alternative systems: System I1 with lower antislip properties of grades R9 to R10, System I3 with reduced installation times to obtain a slip-resistance grade of R11.


  • slip-resistant in R11
  • slip-resistant in R12/R13
  • matt
  • resistant to industrial trucks
  • resistant to chemicals
  • structured
  • rigid
  • resistant to mechanical load
  • impervious to fluids
  • resistant to hot water up to 120 °C / 248 °F

Build-up of system – single products used

Each of our coating systems is a combination of perfectly matched products.

KLB-SYSTEM PU-BETON 4050 Grundierung

Trowelable 3-component PU-BETON base coat used within the system as primer for PU-BETON 4006, 4009, 4011 Grip and 4012 Standfest. 


High-quality 3-component PU-BETON repair mortar for levelling rough, milled or blasted substrates. Applicable in a layer thickness of minimum 2 to 10 mm. For filling brea...


High-quality, trowelable 3-component PU-BETON coating in a layer thickness of 9 mm. For use on highly stressed floor surfaces in wet areas with hot water and chemical exposure...


High-quality, trowelable 3-component PU-BETON coating in a layer thickness of 6 mm. For use on temperature-stressed floor surfaces up to 90 °C / 194 °F that are exposed to water ...

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