Office of a premium pet food retailer

High-quality, low-emission coating based on 2-component polyurethane resin with high color stability.

Task and requirements

The main focus for a floor coating in offices, museums and other public facilities should not least be on a pleasing appearance and high durability. In particularly, a permanently light and light-stable color tone was required.

The floor covering should also be easy to clean and less sensitive to staining in this light color.




Special feature and challenge

The requirements for an inviting, spacious and bright room atmosphere, mechanical load-bearing capacity in the course of everyday office work and increased public traffic, good cleanability and walking comfort were used as criteria when selecting a suitable system.

In order to emphasize the light-filled ambience of the office, the selection of a bright and light-stable floor was necessary, as the incoming UV rays through the windows can often lead to yellowing of non-suitable floor coatings. Light-colored coatings are particularly sensitive to such effects.


The solution

When looking for a suitable floor covering, our System G3 KLB INDUSTRIAL LOW-VOC PU Comfort Sealed proved to be particularly ideal. By using EP 57, PU 425 Comfort and PU 806 E, which are certified as low-emission, the legal regulations for lounges are more than fulfilled. It is a high-quality coating based on 2-component polyurethane resin with high color stability, and is particularly suitable for producing decorative and elegant-looking floors, not least because of its jointless design.

The bright, light-stable shade of the matte sealer promises a long-lasting elegant and appealing appearance. Due to its jointless design and easy-to-clean surface, the sealed coating offers great advantages for everyday use in working environments. The elastic setting of the covering promises comfortable foot traffic and a pleasant indoor climate.


The project

Area: Offices
Area size: 160 m²
Type of space: Office space and WC
Completion date: May 2020

Belagsaufbau des Systems A3 mit Nummerierung

Build-up of system

  1. Top sealer KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 216 Universal
  2. Top coat KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 216 Universal – fully sanded with quartz sand

Büro eines Fachhändlers für Premium Tiernahrung

Büro eines Fachhändlers für Premium Tiernahrung

Büro eines Fachhändlers für Premium Tiernahrung

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