Granite paving with high-quality joint mortar made of epoxy resin

Visual enhancement of the stone paving combined with mechanical resilience.

Assignment and requirements

The visual appearance was the main reason for laying and grouting granite stones in the courtyard of the animal sanctuary “Gut Aiderbichl”. The size of the stones as well as the colour of the filling sand in gneiss (white-grey) were determined in advance. A robust and wear-resistant paving mortar was used for joint grouting.

Particularities and challenges

The mechanical cleaning of joints in outdoor areas by hand is an unpopular gardening chore, but one that needs to be done regularly. However, if you decide to use resin-based paving joints, the weeds only need to be removed once before installation.

The joint grouting results in an even pattern of granite stones, which are reliably kept in shape even when driven over with heavy machinery or vehicles.

The solution

Paving joints made with KÖTZTALER ColorType EP 104 Pflasterfuge are permanently mechanically loadable for light traffic, e.g. cars up to 3.5 t. After the epoxy resin has hardened, the surface is resistant to weather and frost, while also withstanding road salt without any damage. Even in the long run, the joints will not be washed out by rain or when cleaned with high-pressure equipment.

Weed growth or overgrowth is prevented and the joints always remain weed-free. Nevertheless, rainwater can still seep through the drainable mortar without a problem, so that there is no puddle formation or flooding on the terrace.

The creamy and groutable consistency facilitates the insertion of the material into the joints – which is done with the rubber scraper.

The Project

Category: External surfaces
Area size: 648 m², 60 m²
Area type: Traffic areas on a terrace and farm
Completion: October 2022

Nahaufnahme des verarbeiteten Pflasterfugenmörtels

Build-up of system

Pavement joint mortar with KÖTZTALER ColorType EP 104 Pflasterfuge

Available colours:

Pavement joint sand 102 Basalt – anthracite
Pavement joint sand 103 Granit – granite grey
Pavement joint sand 104 Gneis – white-grey
Pavement joint sand 105 Marmor – sand-white
Pavement joint sand 106 Limestone – yellow
Pavement joint sand 107 Terra Cotta – red
Pavement joint sand 108 Azul – blue
Pavement joint sand 109 Smaragd – green


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