Feeding tables in agriculture

Robust, chemical-resistant coating with food and feed suitability.

Assignment and requirements

For the feeding tables in a new agricultural hall for animal husbandry, a resilient utility floor with an abrasion-resistant and smooth surface was required. In addition, it was necessary for the coating to offer food and feed suitability.


Particularities and challenges

Around feeding tables in agriculture, acidic feedstuffs pollutes the floor, such as silage. Here, a hard-wearing covering needed to be installed to prevent long-term damage to the surface and, in the worst case, to the building fabric. The coating also had to be easy to clean so that it could be used for as long as possible.

The solution

Especially the resistance to various chemicals makes our System A4 KLB INDUSTRIAL EP Robust the optimal solution for feeding tables. An external test certificate for food suitability in accordance with § 31 Para. 1 of the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB) for the system component KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 213 is decisive in this area of application. Furthermore, the coating is solvent-free and easy to apply due to optimised flow and smoothing properties.

Injecting structured granulate Strukturgranulat RQX 9 or RQX 10 is not necessary in this case.

The Project

Category: Agriculture
Area size: 150 m²
Area type: Feeding tables
Completion: May 2016

Build-up of system

  1. Optional: injecting structured granulate Strukturgranulat RQX 9/10
  2. Top coat with KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 213 (or a comparable chemical-resistant product)
  3. Scratch coat with KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 50 and mixed sand KLB-Mischsand 2/1

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