Fire protection training at KLB

Keeping a cool head in case of fire.


An adequate fire protection concept in a company includes, among other things, the regular training of fire protection assistants. Especially in the chemical industry, a quick reaction of those involved in a fire is often decisive or even life-saving. In addition to this, the right behaviour can also prevent fires in some situations.

In cooperation with the Schmaus fire protection service from Gundremmingen, a theoretical and practical training course was held on KLB premises on 8 March 2022. The aim was to convey and refresh the knowledge of our KLB fire protection officers.

After the technical instruction, all participants were able to try out a fire extinguisher “in real life” on a fire simulator. This way, the acquired learning content could be directly applied and consolidated.

Theoretical basics:

  • Fire prevention
  • Behaviour in case of fire
  • Reporting a fire
  • Evacuating and getting to safety
  • Attempting to extinguish a fire
  • Fire extinguisher basics

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