Brilliant prospects with PU 484

For the production of decorative effect floors, as transparent sealer on coloured sand scattered coatings or as clear resin layer on optically appealing smooth floorings.

KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 484 shines in every respect: both in terms of decorative appearance on the floor and with its functionality. It can be used as a colourless top sealer for scattered coatings or as binding agent component for partiColor®-Metalize pigments or partiColor®-Glitter flakes. Smooth coatings, on the one hand, can be optimally set off by such a clear resin mirror. With each application, the product contributes to a stylish room interior design, which on the other hand reveals its essential properties:

It is low-emission, transparent and free of turbidity at the same time.

Due to its low emissions, the building product has been certified with the “Indoor Air Comfort Gold” label. Even in strong sunlight, the absolute transparency of the polyurethane resin prevents any yellowing.

That’s convincing!

  • low-emission
  • transparent and free of turbidity
  • very good chemical resistance
  • good plasticiser and stain resistance
  • glossy surface, optionally with matting
  • weatherproof and early water-resistant
  • capable for wet rooms
  • as top sealer for slip-resistant scattered coatings of grades R10 to R12, e.g. in kitchens

Possible application areas:

PU 484 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because of its low VOC emissions, but also its early water resistance and weathering stability. In the food industry on scattered coverings such as in butcher’s shops or bakeries, it is convincing as a waterproof, stain- and chemical-resistant sealant, especially against strongly colouring foods such as curry or coffee.

The product also scores points for its mechanical resilience to falling objects, e.g. in everyday commercial kitchens. When aggressive cleaning agents are used, the coating material has a high chemical resistance.

Shopping centres, sales markets or museums as well as all other types of presentation surfaces are ideal for the use of decorative coatings in combination with PU 484. Good plasticiser stability also favours its application in car dealerships or automotive showrooms.

Now it's up to you to let your creativity run free...

Three application options to design your individual floor covering!


partiColor®-Metalize for premium look metallic effects

Fine partiColor®-Metalize colour pearlescent pigments or a mixture of different colours are stirred into the resin. Shortly after application, the metallic effect is achieved by special wiping techniques.


partiColor®-Glitter for glitter coatings with a noble character

A distinctive glitter look is achieved by mixing light-diffusing partiColor®-Glitter particles into the coating. The glitter flakes have a size of 1 mm, which makes their sparkling effect clearly visible in the hardened coating.


Individual floor graphics unique design possibilities

Personalised pictures, lettering, logos or other graphics can be incorporated as inlays using a special screen print. (Digital prints are available directly from our partner HIS Print & Service GmbH & Co. KG). These are glued into the hardened primer and sealed with a clear resin. The application of several layers creates a modern mirror effect.

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