EP 296 Kopfsiegel with new quality

A flagship in terms of opacity and ease of use.

High added value as regards covering power:

In its new formula, EP 296 does justice to one thing in particular: offering an extraordinarily good covering power on scattered coverings, which is the “business card” of a top sealer, so to speak. Since the running off of the grain is reduced, a more even surface appearance can be achieved. This avoids exposed grain peaks – a clear plus point that facilitates coating work and supports a high-quality finish.

User-friendly under all circumstances:

The result of the product optimisation is not only the good opacity: the processing properties have also been significantly improved. With a lower viscosity, the new formulation of EP 296 enables a fast and homogeneous application. The high level of product safety allows every installer to carry out successful coating work even under adverse or unexpected conditions. The crowning glory is the RAPID product variant: also at lower temperatures of up to 5 °C / 41 °F, EP 296 RAPID can be applied effectively and offers consistently high performance.

Finish for various applications:

Especially on wet industrial surfaces, the sealant provides a final touch on a scattered surface. The slip resistance can be individually adjusted. The high mechanical resistance ensures durable, abrasion-resistant and robust floors. Due to the variety of colours available and the low tendency to yellowing, EP 296 can also be used in areas with increased visual requirements. In addition, the product scores with good mechancial stability such as water and chemical resistance.

That’s convincing!

  • glossy and coloured with signtificantly higher opacity
  • improved processability, adjusted to be low-viscosity
  • high degree of product safety to deal with adverse conditions
  • hard, resistant to wear and abrasion
  • good resistance to water and to chemical substances
  • solvent-free
  • free from harmful ingredients (alkylphenol-free)

Use in a wide range of areas:

  • as plain-coloured top sealer for scattered coatings, in various slip-resistance grades depending on the build-up
  • for wet areas in the food processing industry
  • for factory, storage, and work areas
  • for different transportation and parking areas
  • and much more

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