System L2

Low-emission epoxy resin decorative pebble coating

Build-up of system

  1. Pore-filler KLB-SYSTEM DEKOR DS 925 Porenfüller
  2. Decorative pebble coating with KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 172 and decorative pebbles
  3. Primer KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 57, openly scattered with quartz sand KLB-Quarzsand 0.3/0.8 mm

System description

The coating system L2 produces a low-emission, decorative coloured pebble coating for indoor areas – it can be installed either porous, vapour-permeable (without DS 925 Porenfüller) or pore-filling. With the pore closure, however, a significantly better cleanability of the covering can be achieved.

Depending on the decorative pebbles used, numerous colour possibilities are available for creating an individual look. When using particularly dark shades of decorative pebbles, the surface may lose brilliance due to pore closure. If necessary, please ask for samples or create a test area.

The system complies with the requirements posed by Indoor Air Comfort Gold Label version 6.0 (2017) which guarantees regular testing and confirmation of the system’s low emissions. The components of this build-up have been certified for sustainable building according to DGNB, LEED or Minergie ECO. 

Alternative systems: System L1 without any requirements on low emissions, System L4 as light-resistant and low-emission system for outdoor applications.


  • slightly slip-resistant R9/R10
  • low-VOC (AgBB)
  • glossy
  • application area – Indoor
  • structured
  • decorative
  • rigid

Build-up of system – single products used

Each of our coating systems is a combination of perfectly matched products.


Low-emission, all-purpose 2-component epoxy resin for base and scratch coats or as levelling mortar for renovations or new floors. Combined with EP 202, it is tested according to&#...

KLB-SYSTEM KLB-Quarzsand 0.3/0.8 mm

Fire-dried, graded quartz sand in graduated grain sizes to be used as filling material for reactive resin works and coatings.


Solvent-free and low-emission 2-component epoxy resin binding agent with low yellowing tendency for decorative pebble and mortar coatings - but also for sealing scattered indo...

KLB-SYSTEM DEKOR DS 925 Porenfüller

Low-emission, non-pigmented 1-component dispersion formulation for transparent pore-filling on decor and marble pebble coatings in indoor areas that are not permanently wet. E...

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