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Reactive resin flooring
for commercial and industrial areas
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Our Products

Our pro­ducts are as wi­de ran­ged as your de­mands.

Not­hing is mo­re im­portant than to well de­fi­ne the de­mand to the floo­ring to choo­se a long-las­ting, most sa­tis­fying floor.

In­du­s­trial floo­ring calls for in­di­vi­dual­ly ad­jus­ted pro­per­ties. He­re we ha­ve com­pi­led so­me ty­pi­cal exam­p­les:
elec­tri­cal­ly con­duc­ti­ve, slip re­si­s­tan­ce, va­pour dif­fu­si­b­le, re­si­s­tan­ce to fluids - we of­fer the right com­bi­na­ti­on of pro­ducts.

We will be glad to as­sist you with the con­ver­si­on of the tech­ni­cal de­mands.

If you can't find the sui­ta­b­le coa­ting sys­tem plea­se ask for ad­vice!


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More information on low-emission KLB-SYSTEM, as well as the terms of DIBt®, VOC, Eurofins etc… is available here:

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