Natural quartz sand NQS 4700 AS for slip-resistant EL+ systems

The economic alternative to silicium carbide (SiC)

Silicium carbide as an angular and highly wear-resistant special granulate has so far been used for fully sanding electrically conductive coverings to achieve a high slip resistance and robustness. Especially in the commercial and industrial sector, this high-performance material ensures reliable electrical conductivity and good mechanical stability of slip-resistant EL+ systems.

The increased demand for silicium carbide on the world market and the resulting possible production and delivery delays have prompted us to find a good technical and economic alternative. With the conductive natural quartz sand NQS 4700 AS, we use an available product that not only has a high market supply, but also excellent economic efficiency. At the same time, we obtain it predominantly from regional sources – in contrast to the global procurement of silicium carbide. Since less energy is required to extract natural quartz sand than to produce silicium carbide (SiC), the new sand type scores with a lower environmental impact.

That’s convincing!

  • economical
  • good market availability
  • for electrically conductive and slip-resistant coatings
  • wear-resistant and durable
  • can be used in diffusible systems
  • suitable for car, truck and forklift traffic as well as for transport cats with polyamide wheels
  • high proportion of natural raw materials

Compared to SiC, NQS 4700 AS achieves approximately slip resistance level R11 with a grain size of 0.3 to 0.8 mm. The natural quartz sand is primarily used for coatings in industrial or commercial areas where medium loads from rubber-tyred industrial trucks, motor or goods vehicles and nylon-tyred transport carts are to be expected.

In the product flyer below you will find all the advantages of our new natural quartz sand as well as a direct comparison with SiC. Two KLB sample system build-ups show how you can replace silicium carbide in dissipative scattered coatings:

To the product flyer


System build-up 1: conductive EP scattered coating



  1. Top sealer EP 296 Kopfsiegel
  2. Base layer with EP 99 EL+, fully scattered with natural quartz sand NQS 4700 AS, followed by intermediate sanding
  3. Conductive layer EP 799 Ableitgrund
  4. Scratch coat with EP 50, openly scattered with natural quartz sand NQS 0.3/0.8mm
  5. Primer EP 50

System build-up 2: conductive, diffusible EP scattered coating



  1. Matt sealer PU 813 EL+/ESD
  2. Top sealer EP 785 EL+
  3. Base layer with EP 785 EL+, fully scattered with natural quartz sand NQS 4700 AS
  4. Conductive layer EP 799 Ableitgrund
  5. Scratch coat with EP 724 E Haftgrund Super
  6. Primer EP 724 E Haftgrund Super

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